The Ultimate GDPR Guidebook For Starters

This Guidebook aims to provide an understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with easy to follow checklists and guidelines for GDPR compliance for starters.

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What you will learn with this eBook

GDPR Basics

You get to understand GDPR and its basic implications


Easy to follow checklists to become GDPR compliant

Data Mapping

You will learn to create Data Maps & Flows

Practical Advice

You will get practical advice from the experienced experts




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Readers feedback

Loved the guidebook. I didn't even know how to start. It guided to me to create my company policies which we never did.

Sameer Ahmed Khan

Just saved a few thousand dollars on lawyers with this guidebook. It contains everything you need to know, probably more than your lawyer does.

Tomer Aharon

Readers feedback


Processes Created


Vendors Managed


Data Protection Officers Appointed


Users Guided

We have helped 300+ companies become GDPR compliant

Customer Testimonial

Neil Napier

CEO of Kyvio

ECOMPLY removes a lot of hassle, good for a busy management team, Aazar is forthcoming with help. I like this app – very easy to use and actually makes me WANT to get compliant faster. They have made form-filling kind of fun. This gives me the peace of mind.

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Learn How to Comply and Avoid Huge Fines

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